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Thanks for sharing your crypto conversion Tom. This part 1 was very delightful to read!

I've always been impressed and inspired by Reid Hoffman. It's not just about his massive achievements but also his mental models and capacity to process information. He thinks deeply about many different topics and connect them together into eureka moments. Learning from him is always challenging and fulfilling intellectually, I love that. This memorable experience with him smelling you like a product guy and investing in Rally.org must have been one of the biggest highlights in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Learning more about your crypto conversion reminded me of "strong opinions, loosely held" by Marc Andreessen. What makes your conversion so insightful for readers is that it started with deep skepticism like you mentioned, but you also remained open to reassess and learn more, with genuine curiosity. This is a golden lesson for any entrepreneur to keep in mind. We don't know what we don't know.

Life is also mysterious, then this memorable flight happened. It's exciting because we can really feel through your writing that something clicked within you that would forever alter the course of your life and others around you. Thanks for sharing your journey and in doing so inspiring readers with valuable lessons.

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