Hi, Thank You Mr TOM - I have the same ideas, especially, in this part- "Unlike many crypto investors –– who only took an interest in the topic once they saw others getting rich –– I have a deep, longstanding interest in politics, governance, economics, and computer science (themes that are central to the crypto world, particularly since the emergence of the Ethereum ecosystem" - Well let´s keep in touch. A great Regards, from Brazil.

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Hi Tom,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your article on the evolution of the Internet. As someone who has been fascinated with the internet and its impact on society for many years, I found your insights to be incredibly well-articulated for a broad audience.

I noticed you didn’t use terms like blockchain, web3 or crypto, before you explained the reason later in the article. I’m happy to see someone with a deep expertise like yours be so intentional about speaking to the general public about the extraordinary paradigm shift we are witnessing. The way you explained this evolution of the Internet from read, to read-write, to read-write-own, was just perfect to understand what is at stake with the “New Internet” and connect the dots between different versions of it.

As a mental model I like to think that major technological innovations are still incredibly limited, because this forces me to think hard about macro trends and how the world/humanity can be shaped as we all move forward on planet earth. The Internet as it is today can be seen as a giant revolution for humanity, same with how we instantly communicate online today, same for e-commerce when we buy anything we want anywhere in the world. At the same time the current Internet is still very limited with a lot of downsides that you perfectly explained.

I’m glad and thankful people like you are shaping the future of the Internet and by doing so the future of humanity.



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We all need a gentle reminder on how the internet and its values have changed over time. Looking forward to the posts, Tom.

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