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It can be hard to imagine a better internet, since the one we have is already a technological marvel. But the truth is the internet can –– and will –– be so much better: more trustworthy, more secure, and more efficient, among other improvements. If “web 1” is symbolized by the screechy dial-up modem, and “web 2” (which we live in) by the advent of social media, then so-called “web 3” will be something altogether different, something the world’s leading technologists are just now imagining and beginning to build.

Warburg Serres Investments is at the forefront of this transformation, helping our founders commercialize their ideas and build next-generation digital brands. The Tomorrow Fund is our flagship fund targeting early-stage venture projects under this thesis.

Warburg Serres runs an email newsletter publication explaining what’s new with the fund, crypto, and web 3, all while trying to explain this exciting and technologically intricate space for a non-technical audience. Our newsletter’s periodically publish content on crypto developments, portfolio profiles, forward-looking ideas, founder interviews, macro market analysis, web3 investment theses, blockchain technical concepts, and general web3 investment strategies.

At Warburg Serres, we came to love crypto only gradually and with a healthy dose of initial skepticism, making us very different from other crypto and Web3 investment firms. At the same time, we came to believe in crypto early enough to have a reputation as the “OG’s” in the crypto space. Our investors and portfolio companies are composed of veteran entrepreneurs, software engineers, product designers, tech founders, researchers, and Fortune 100 thought leaders. We have over a decade of experience investing in and supporting the broader web3 agenda, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you on a more regular basis!

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Tom Serres

Investing in web3 founders building next-generation digital brands. Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Warburg Serres Investments. Previously the founder of Rally.

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